Luis was born in 1962 in  Nagros, Philippines. His parents were both nominal catholic and his only brother was 11 years older than him. At age 14 he was into drugs, sex and rock and roll as his parents, though loving, gave him no supervision. This probably happened because as he was eleven years younger than his brother he grew up a loner. Soon he was living alone in his grandmother’s home and without any control in his life became both a drug addict and sexually active with many women. At 18 he allowed some prostitutes to live in his home and one of them became his girl friend for a while. Then she left the house.Yet somehow amidst his crazy lifestyle he wanted to be an architect and so decided to go to college at age 18.

He was also spiritually searching and joined the Hare Krishnas in Cebu for two years but he was never a true devotee, still keeping on with his life of sex and drugs. He later got several months work in Cebu. With a life revolving around music, sex and drugs, he did not get much study done.  A course in architecture that should have taken 4 years took 6 years. The college staff at Negra knew that he was not a good influence on other students and were concerned. At age 26 there was a major life changing crisis in his life. The school principal said he could no longer study at college as he was such a bad influence on other students. He was told he could only return to college if he was daily under the supervision of the College Guidance Officer and receive counselling for his problems. While he could go to lectures he could have no other contact with students so after lectures he had to immediately go to the Guidance office, Jasmine, for supervision. God was at work in all this for the Guidance officer was also a Catholic. Later, she became his girl friend. While he was never sexually involved with her, he was still with other women and somehow, even though she knew about this she was able to continue to be his girl friend. Looking back on these events many years later Luis could see how God had worked in his life.

Then miracles began to happen. He finished his college course, became an architect, and then at age 28, he married his counsellor and they lived in Manila. In 1989 went to Brunei for work while Jasmine stayed in the Philippines.Yet his life of unfaithfulness continued  even though he was married, for with working in Brunei, money and women were plentiful. However, there were problems in the marriage, for his wife Jasmine missed him. They never spent any time together as he was overseas and she was in Manila. Yet God did not give up on them. In 1994/95 he started working in Singapore and even though he was drinking and there were women, most important of all there was God.

Then another miracle. He met an old friend Rani, also from Philippines, who introduced him to church. While he only went there a few times he later moved to a Baptist Church. It was there he became born again. In 1997 he went to Indonesia for work as an architect. In 1998 they realised their marriage was in trouble as being separated all the time was not helpful. As they loved each other decided they had to plan to live together as husband and wife. So in his next job, which was in Singapore, Jasmine was with him and so he remained sexually faithful. They were there a total of six years and it helped save the marriage. Even though he was now a real believer in Jesus she was still a nominal Catholic. There was another major problem for after eleven years of marriage Louis and his wife could not have children. So they prayed asking God for help that they would have a baby and amazingly within a month of praying she became pregnant. Delighted they moved back to Manila so that their baby could be born in the Philippines. Early in 2000 a baby girl was born.

Again they moved, this time in 2001 to live and work in Jakarta. Wonderfully he met his friend Rani again, was introduced to International English Service Church and has been there ever since. Luis said that having someone like Pastor Tommy of IES act as his mentor was most helpful to his spiritual growth and marriage. The next birth in Jakarta was just as important – this time it was spiritual one as his wife Jasmine accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour this meant they were now one spiritually.  Today, life is busy for Louis and wife Jasmine in Jakarta, family, church, especially leading worship in life groups and with his architect and interior decorating business.

Then life again took another turn… One night, coming home from a church life group with Jasmine and his daughter, they unknowingly drove through an area in Jakarta known for male prostitution.Soon men were exposing themselves and making sexual advances. Shaken as Luis was at the experience he went home to pray how to reach such people with the Gospel. He knew that if he could overcome sexual immorality through the power of the Lord Jesus so can others. At times sexual temptations still come to Luis, especially when he travels but he has to be alert and flee! (I Corinthians 6:18). His plan is to share his story of how he found freedom in Christ over sexual immorality with whoever he meets, whether that is in church or through his business contacts! Where she can, Jasmine wants to work with Luis to help sexual strugglers overcome their problems. Luis believes his recovery from sexual addictions and drink came through his experience with the Lord, the emotional healing he has received and being parents. He said “God made me a new person, gave me a new song to sing and I want to share that with the world”.

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