Sexual Strugglers and the Asian Church

This study is amongst the first to investigate the specific problems related to sexuality experienced by Asian Christians and the types of help they receive upon seeking assistance within their Christian communities.

The study was conducted between 1999 and 2017 by Peter and Dot Lane of On Eagles Wings to Asia ministry , at seminars held in Bible Colleges ,Churches and Youth Ministries in eight south and south east Asia countries involving nearly 9,000 men and women of whom
4, 000 were from India .
From these, 260 men (100 Indian) 154 women (66 Indian) , drawn from predominately Pentecostal and charismatic churches, came forward for counselling related to their sexuality .

Findings suggest that

  • Most of their problems originated through family life during their adolescence .
  • The average length of time Asian Christian men and women with sexual struggles wait before seeking help is ten years and that when they do seek assistance approximately half report not receiving the level of support required. Despite their struggles and the accompanying lack of assistance received by many participants, a significant majority remain committed to the Church.
  • It took between four to five years before significant change came to overcome their problems.

Recommendations for further research and implications for pastoral practice are discussed.

One area of ongoing current research is “ How the lack of Biblical teaching on sexuality has effected Asian Christians “ Findings will be presented in 2018 in India at Bible Colleges and at seminars .

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