Grace, By John Hilton

When 1 first came to The Lord in 2001 I was known as Kitty Hilton, a 64 year old transsexual who had been working in the sex industry for fifteen years. Over the years I developed a dependency for drugs and needed money to maintain and feed my habit.
So for many years I owned and ran a brothel where and all my girls were young, pretty transsexuals but under heavy pressure I was forced to close down

In fact I needed a lot of money to continue in the lifestyle I had become accustomed to. So I decided to become a professional prostitute but I was now in my fifties, and competing against the young ones would be hard.

I needed a gimmick working so began as a fantasy operator running ads through sex magazines that read:

‘Kitty the exhibitionist transsexual whore,

who spent years knocking on heaven’s door,

but rejected and sent away in despair,

is now entering hell to see what’s offering there,’

I thought that I was experienced enough to handle it, but even I was not prepared for what I was about to encounter. Truly, I had indeed entered into hell, and only under the heavy influence of drugs was I able to continue. I worked as a fantasy operator for 8 years. The town expressed their objection. My phone rang constantly with death threats, and so many times was I stalked and savagely beaten, that it was necessary for me to hire a bodyguard whenever I left the premises. One night there was a knock on my door. When I opened it a man stepped forward and repeatedly plunged a knife into me. I fell to the floor with a collapsed lung and was rushed to hospital with internal bleeding. As 1 lay on the bed fighting for my life I called out to God for help. I pleaded for Him to change me. I’d been badly hurt but I recovered and went back to my former way of life, trapped by my addiction and need for money.

One day as I was waiting for a client in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, two nuns came to my door. My first thought was to throw them over the balcony and was about to slam the door in their face when I remembered my prayer to God. So I listened to what they had to say. They spoke of a group working nearby from the basement of an old church. I decided to check the group out. They spoke about Jesus in a way I have never heard before. They could see my keen interest so they invited me to their church.

My professional trade was obvious. I had long hair coming down to my waist, a large silver ball in my tongue. I had three small chains across my face, much like Hindu brides wear. I was wearing high stiletto shoes and a micro mini skirt but the warmth and acceptance I had received from the church blew me away and it was not long before I asked if I could be baptised. The pastor said, ‘We are an outreach church and we accept people the way we find them and it’s up to God to change them, so he agreed. That night in full drag I was baptised. I felt myself being submerged under the water and as I came up the power of God hit me. I started speaking in tongues and a love like I have never known before entered into me and I knew my life had been changed. I gave up my old way of life and devoted myself to The Lord.

The days turned into weeks and months into years. I was so happy. One night kneeling in prayer I said to The Lord, “I love You so much. Ask anything You want from me and I will do it.” Turning out the light I climbed into bed. As I was drifting off I heard a voice say. “Give up your female identity.” I sat up, my eyes wide, peering into the dark. I whispered, “Lord, Satan is in the room.” The voice answered and said, “It’s not Satan, it’s your Lord. Give up your female identity.” I was stunned with disbelief that He would ask such a thing. I said, “Lord, I can’t do that but ask anything else from me and I’ll do it.” There was no answer and I knew He meant it.

Tears started rolling down my face knowing what I had to do. The next day I stripped of my jewelry and went down the road. Tears were blinding my vision. I found a barber shop. As I sat in the chair saying, “Cut it all off,” he ran his fingers through my hair and whispered in my ear, “Are you sure?” With a brave smile I said, “Yes.” I heard the clip of the scissors and saw my hair fall to the floor. I then went to the men’s shop to buy some clothes. Returning home I put them on. As I looked in the mirror I was surprised at the reflection that looked back at me and I thought, “I make a good looking bloke.”

Taking a walk through The Valley a prostitute tried to pick me up. I smiled saying, “Love, I used to be a transsexual and I spent many years working the game but I gave my life to Jesus and He changed me.” Sarcastically, she replied, “He changed you into a man?” I said, “Yes love, I’m free at last.”

My spirit is now one with The Lord. We have been married for ten years and had two children named ‘body’ and ‘mind.’ Like all children they require strict discipline to keep then in line. Now in my 70’s the chains have been broken and I’m set free. My God and Saviour has rescued me. Such amazing love, such amazing grace. How beautiful is our Lord Jesus.

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