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Merdeka (Freedom) Square, Jakarta, forms the center of modern Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It is also home to Monas, or National Monument, a 132metre high column, tipped by gold flame to represent Indonesia’s independence and strength. Merdeka Square is a natural gathering place for people to celebrate community and social activities.

On July 21st 2007 it will host another celebration in the form of a marathon run to promote the publishing in the Bahasa language, of  “Setting the Captives Free, overcoming sexual brokenness” by Pete and Dot Lane of On Eagles Wings to Asia,, Brisbane, Australia. The book, which has many stories of how people became free from sexual problems, is already available in three other Asian languages as well as in English.

Exodus Asia Pacific gives support and counsel to those wishing to overcome life controlling sexual and relational problems and has ministries in seven Asian countries including Indonesia. It is a member of the worldwide Exodus Global Alliance. Many Exodus leaders have come from backgrounds of sexual and relational brokenness.

Author Pete Lane is also the director of Exodus Asia Pacific and a long distance runner, with previous experience of running marathons in Asia. He said that, “Obviously while having a ‘freedom run’ in Merdeka Square is to promote the Bahasa book, far more important is the truth that in Jesus Christ we can find freedom from all life controlling problems, including sexual ones. Not only does He give the strength to overcome problems but also the power to transform our lives to make us new people.

“Each year my wife and I travel in Asia teaching to the Christian communities God’s plan for sexuality. Sadly, we find there is little or no teaching about sexuality in the church yet people are desperate for teaching about this. Wherever we travel we find many Christians are struggling with problems related to homosexuality, lesbianism, emotional dependencies, sexual addictions and sexual abuse.  They need to understand that when Jesus died on the cross and then rose again it He made a way for healing from sexual brokenness, freedom from sexual addictions and forgiveness for every sin, including sexual sins.”

Written by Jo Lane – OEW Media Person